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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Compost for Mother Earth's worship

Sripad Paramahansa Maharaj has developed composting techniques in India at Vrindakunja, Vrindavan during the last ten years, he is always ready to promote and support environmental care cooperating with anybody interested in intelligently dealing with wastes like plastic, paper, recycling and specifically with the useful organic materials.

Why Make Compost?

Compost is one of nature's best mulches and soil amendments. It can be used instead of commercial fertilizers. Best of all, compost is cheap. You can make it without spending hardly a cent. Compost forms humus, the soil’s life, the most valuable fertilizer, which when added to the soil makes it more fertile.

Using compost improves soil structure, texture, and aeration and increases the soil's water-holding capacity. Compost loosens clay soils and helps sandy soils retain water. Adding compost improves soil fertility and stimulates healthy root development in plants. The organic matter in compost provides food for micro-organisms, which keeps the soil in a healthy, balanced condition. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus will naturally be made available as a product of the feeding of micro-organisms.

Understanding how to make and use compost is in the public interest. The problem of waste disposal climbs towards crisis levels, landfills are brimming, and new sites are not easily found. For this reason there is interest in conserving existing landfill space and in developing alternative methods of dealing with waste. Don't throw away materials when you can use them to improve your lawn and garden. Start composting instead.

Tips for better composting

1. Don't throw away your kitchen scraps - add them to the compost pile. Kitchen scraps are typically high in nitrogen, which helps heat up the compost pile and speed up the composting process. But, avoid putting cooked food in the compost.

2. If you're composting with a compost pile, bigger is often better. Heat builds up with a big pile. A maximum height is about 3 feet (1meter) by 3 feet (1m) wide.

3. Keep your compost aerated. If you are composting with a tumbling composter, make sure you turn it whenever you add new materials. If you are composting with a pile, or in static (non-tumbling) compost bin, be sure to mix up the contents so that the pile gets oxygen and can break down effectively.

4. Don't let the compost completely dry out. A compost pile needs moisture to keep the composting process active.

5. Don't keep your compost too wet so that it gets soggy and starts to stink. Just as too dry is bad, too wet is also something that you should avoid.

6. Too much of any one material will slow down the composting process. If you have all leaves, all grass clippings, or an overload of any other single type of material, it can throw off the balance of the pile. In general, it's good to keep a mix of green and brown material.

Composting Methods to Try at Home

The art of compost-making has progressed rapidly. In heaps or bins, underground or on top of the soil, today's composting methods provide the key to building soil fertility for future crops. Development of composting techniques was well developed in ancient India, and was given scientific support in the occidental world by the British scientist Albert Howard in the year 1905 who showed how a method of composting used in Indore, India, was highly efficient and productive. During the early days of organic gardening, the Indore method was the most widely known way for the home gardener to convert waste materials to humus. With this method, a compost heap is built in layers, using first a 6-inch layer of green matter like weeds, crop wastes or leaves. Next, place a two-inch layer of manure, which is in turn covered by a sprinkling of topsoil. The layers are repeated until the pile reaches a height of about 5 feet, and the heap is watered. The pile is turned after 6 weeks and again after 12 weeks to allow air to penetrate so that the heap will heat up properly. After 3 months, the compost is finished and ready for application to the soil.

Simple as it now sounds, these instructions revealed to thousands of gardeners a way to prepare homemade fertilizer. And while these people started using the Indore-heap method, leaders in the organic gardening field were already making changes to the original plan. One improvement was that the materials be mixed as they go into the heap. Instead of sandwiching them, thereby keeping the soil, vegetable wastes and animal wastes separated, they are mixed as one goes on. If we start with a six-inch layer of vegetable wastes, put on a two-inch layer of farmyard manure, and a sprinkling of earth, and then fork up the layers; they get mixed up quite a lot and decomposition is very much better and more complete than if the material is left as separate layers. By doing this, we need only turn the heap once instead of twice.

Compost can be developed in a ground of three square meters (according to necessity) where separated divisions for the decomposition of organic wastes will take place. Each division, or bed, will be about 1.5 m in height, 1 m in length and 1 m wide. The first bed can be filled up to 1.30 m with all kinds of organic wastes (except acidic wastes like lemon, orange, etc, to avoid bad smells), including about 20 cm of dry grass, husks, wood shavings and earth; this will need around two months to decompose. Then the mass can go to the second bed, where it should be mixed with ashes and dry manure. Start to fill the first bed again to repeat the same process. When the second mass becomes three or four months old take out the stones, wood pieces, big sticks, etc which have remained unprocessed. Then pass the pure humus to the third bed, which is the place of this first class fertilizer that can be applied to the soil when required.

Another way of composting is by using a stick, two meters high and 50 cm wide, fixed vertically into the ground; start to deposit around it the organic wastes on a basis of dry grass. When the heap reach up to 30 cm, cover it with 2 cm earth and repeat the process until a tower is created. After 4 – 6 months, humus is ready to be applied. In the meantime other compost towers can be prepared.


The compost must be watered in dry climates. In rainy, humid climates watering is not necessary and covers are needed in order to avoid waterlogged conditions. The mass needs to remain undisturbed as much as possible during the period of decomposition. It does not matter if it has developed in layers of different kinds of organic materials, or if they have become mixed by natural processes. Worms are very favourable and need to be brought into the compost mix through animal manures or from other mature composts.

Compost Boxes and Bins

You can actually use just about any compost container you can think of. This includes "cages" made from woven wire fencing, picket fences, cement blocks, wooden planks, bricks, stones, or whatever else is available. You are limited only by your imagination and the materials you have handy. Such compost containers make a neat, firm compost pile — especially suited for backyard suburban gardens. You can make them with little expenditure (a ton of compost needs a space of only 4-cubic feet). By having one side open, or an easily-removable side, it's simple to turn the heap or remove finished compost.


Vermicomposting, or worm composting, is different than traditional composting. Worm composting is a process that uses red earthworms, also commonly called red worms, to consume organic waste. Worms produce castings (an odour-free compost product for use as mulch), which act as a soil conditioner. Naturally occurring organisms, such as bacteria, fungus and millipedes, also assist in the aerobic decomposition of the organic material. For domestic use in small gardens, make a box or bed of 2m x 1.20m and no more than 60cm high. Fill a quarter of the box with earth and drop the red worms inside. They can be collected from the soil or acquired in nurseries; the most commonly used are the Red Californian Worms. Deposit inside the box directly all organic wastes including cow dung, etc. After 4 – 6 months the humus will be ready. A trick is to hit a few times the box’s surface so that the worms fall to the bottom in order to not kill or take them out from the box. Only then, about 15 cm of humus may be taken out of the box to be used in the garden and orchard.

Using Compost

Finished compost is dark brown, crumbly, and is earthy-smelling. Small pieces of leaves or other ingredients may be visible. If the compost contains many materials which are not broken down, it is only partly decomposed. This product can be used as mulch; though adding partly decomposed compost to the soil can reduce the amount of nitrogen available to the plants. The micro-organisms will continue to do the work of decomposing, but will use soil nitrogen for their own growth, restricting the availability of nitrogen to plants growing nearby. Allow partly decomposed compost particles to break down further or separate them out before using compost on growing plants. Or add extra nitrogen such as manure, to ensure that growing plants will not suffer from a nitrogen deficiency.

Compost serves primarily as a soil conditioner, whether it's spread in a layer on the soil surface or is dug in. A garden soil regularly amended with compost is better able to hold air and water, drains more efficiently, and contains a nutrient reserve that plants can draw on. The amended soil also tends to produce plants with fewer insect and disease problems. The compost encourages a larger population of beneficial soil micro-organisms, which control harmful micro-organisms. It also fosters healthy plants, which are better able to resist pests. Compost one-inch thick is enough to spread on your garden beds. Compost continues to decompose, so eventually the percentage of organic matter in the soil begins to decline. In temperate climates, compost is mostly decomposed after two years in the soil. In tropical climates, it disappears even faster and should be replenished every year. A garden soil that has been well mulched and amended periodically requires only about a half-inch layer of compost yearly to maintain its quality. Some people recommend late fall as a good time to spread compost over a garden bed, and cover it with winter mulch, such as chopped leaves. By spring, soil organisms will have worked the compost into the soil. Others recommend spreading compost two weeks before planting time in the spring. There is really no wrong time to spread it, the benefits remain the same.

If your supply of compost is really limited, consider side-dressing, a way to use compost sparingly by strategically placing it around certain plants or along certain rows. This is best done in late spring and early summer so that the rapidly growing plants can derive the maximum benefit from the compost. To side-dress a plant, work the compost into the soil around the plant, starting about an inch from the stem, out to the drip line, taking care not to disturb the roots. For shallow rooted plants, leave the compost on the soil surface. A 2" layer works best when left on top. For new lawns, a 2 to 3" layer of compost is best when planting. Once the new lawn is established, a ¼ to ½" layer yearly will maintain the quality of the soil. A compost/mulch can benefit trees and shrubs just as it does other plants. Spread a ½" to 1" layer of compost on the bare soil under the tree as far as the drip line. Then cover with a 2-3" layer of some other kind of organic mulch, such as chopped leaves or pine needles. The mulch will hold the compost in place and keep it from drying out.

Compost is the ultimate garden fertilizer. It contains virtually all the nutrients a living plant needs and slowly releases them over a period of years. Compost made with a wide variety of ingredients will provide an even more nutritious meal to your growing plants. Compost is the best material available to enliven your soil no matter where you live. Farmers around the world will testify that healthier soil grows healthier plants that naturally resist diseases, insects, and environmental pollution. Adding compost to your garden is a long-term investment - it becomes a permanent part of the soil structure, helping to feed future plants in years to come.

Compiled by Gopini
Editor: Gopananda dasa

Conscious Scientists

“The sincere search for love necessarily brings us to Shri Krsna.”

Conscious scientists unite to bring together discoveries for the development of a new criterion for humanity.

Here we present ‘Super God’ – the creator of televisions, computers, cars, planes, rockets, etc, but also he has contaminated rivers, lakes, seas, the air, and has invented cigarettes, alcohol, and chemical drugs for when we become ill because of it all.

Dear scientists: physicists, biologists, chemists, doctors, etc, who have all studied for years in universities and have acquired a degree which gives one a certain importance in this confused world. What is the purpose of science if it is not to consecrate one’s work to better the overall welfare of all living beings? What purpose has science if it only increases the sophistication of a system to exploit the environment and the living entities on the planet?

If you want to be a conscious scientist it must be recognised with all humility that modern science has no absolute answer to the most important questions concerning where we have come from, why we are here or where we will go upon leaving this material body. Neither does the scientific world view have knowledge about whom or what created and maintains the material universe.

As a scientist, we must try to free ourselves from all prejudice and arrogance. The scientific mind is contaminated in asserting as fact that which is theory. Presently, contemporary science adheres to the theory of evolution; that the world is a product of casualty, an accident, and that life is a sub-product of a causeless evolution of matter that somehow inexplicably arose to create the diversity of living species. A scientist must be sufficiently open-minded in not taking the theory of evolution as fact by considering the possibility that the human being is not the most developed form in this universe, having nothing above us to thank for our existence. We must unite all wisdom at our disposal to discover the truth; meaning ancient knowledge, such as found in the Vedas, as well as modern empirical investigations must be admitted into the overall scientific understanding. No stone must be left unturned.

Beyond the known laws of physics, the Vedas talk of superior laws, such as the law of Karma. A Vedic master upon being questioned what is intelligence would answer that it is the power to see the connexion between cause and effect. The speculation that the creation of the universe has no cause from a superior intelligence, that it is a cosmic accident, completely ignores the opposite theory, that all activities produce an effect and that the causes were planned in such a way to give a specific result. For example, we can observe that all living beings come from other living beings. Never have we seen anything living coming from something non-living, as is the theory of evolution.

Thus this temporary universe and our temporary bodies have a causal factor of which we are the effect.

We must study, for example, the effects of factory farms, the indiscriminate killing of farm animals and the mass consumption of animal flesh on our minds, our health and the environment. We must study the effects on the mind of a continuous exposure to violence, irresponsible sensuality and sexuality in the media, to the consumption of inebriating intoxicants of alcohol and recreational drugs. Scientists must have the duty to show discoveries that favour a holistic, healthy lifestyle; whereas sadly the majority only serve the consumer society in developing and promoting products that produce deleterious effects on the population, which distance people from the true purpose of life.

Conscious scientists are those who stand up against abuse and ignorance, uniting to form pure criteria for human development. As such, this collection of Vedic wisdom is developed for the great souls, philosophers and scientists of humanity; those who have developed the fields of science, architecture, astronomy, astrology, the vastu sasta and ayurveda amongst others. The Vedic scholars have studied and preserved for humanity the deep psychology of how each entity interacts in its own nature within the environment, and explored how the spiritual spark, the living force, is exhibited within every being, and how it is within and beyond the material karmatic situations that engulf us. Such great personalities have given us our language, with Sanskrit being the mother tongue of all Latin languages. They have given us the oldest codes, or laws, for mankind and all living beings in the Manhu Samhita. They have given the decimal system in mathematics and the divisions of tone and rhythm in music,. We have so much to be grateful about for Vedic wisdom, whose practitioners could all be called Conscious Scientists. In a similar way, modern thinkers and scientists must acquire the impartiality and purity of a conscious scientist so that they can become servants of humanity.

The workings of the modern world are based on erroneous theories of its creation and the responsibilities we have in life. Strangely, the contemporary so-called intelligent scientist has no basis of knowledge that that which permeates the body giving it life and consciousness is in fact the spirit soul, which is independent of the material physical and mental bodies. There is no knowledge about how the subtle mental (astral) body, which is made of mind, intelligence and false ego, survives the physical body when it ceases to function, when it ‘dies’. This can be envisaged as when we are asleep and our external senses are inactive, yet we can see, hear and talk with our internal senses of the astral, mental body in what we would call the dream state.

The conscious scientist must have a great compromise to humanity and all of life, to have scientific fundamentals that evolve our comprehension of how to minimise suffering and ignorance with a basis in spiritual truths. At we offer a web page for conscious scientists where such understandings are discussed, conferences are organised and new discoveries shared. This offering is in an attempt to expose to an ignorant humanity fundamental spiritual realities within a scientific basis and lexicon, thereby enthusing more people to be benefited by the richness of a spiritually enlightened conscious science.

There are so many anomalies to the contemporary atheistic paradigm which will not only cause havoc to the present erroneous theories but will also bring light to ancient, eternal facts. Recent literature, such as “Forbidden Archaeology” and “Human Devolution”, are making enormous headway in the modern scientific community which can but only destroy the theory of evolution. Discoveries in India which confirm the existence of the ancient Vedic culture, such as the underwater discovery by NASA of the bridge that was constructed between India and Sri Lanka by Sri Rama, or the ancient city of Krsna, Dwarka, in the Arabian sea off the north-west coast of India.

Conscious scientists, in what ever field of study, taking a theistic approach to science can find theories and resultant proofs, which are in the large ignored by atheistic science, to show a new paradigm to the public so that they can form their opinions. Money can not solve the problems of our bad conscience, and it can even less bring us the truth and self-realisation; yet knowledge based in spiritual truths can. Every type of article which supports this programme of conscious scientists is welcome at where we hope to organise projects for the betterment of all humanity.

Teachings of Sripad Paramadvaiti Swami
Editor: Gopananda dasa

Reincarnation Proven

“Rest your mind in God and live in the truth.”

As reincarnation is a verifiably concrete reality, the most commonly used method today to show us this proof is with past-life regressions under hypnosis. But this is seen as a controversial and somewhat dubious method. The best way to prove it is through the use of rational logic, because reincarnation is self-evident.

Life is an eternal flow; the only things that change are our minds and bodies being the dresses we change into in each existence.

Krsna says in the Bhagavad Gita: “Just as in this body, the incarnated soul passes continually from birth, youth, maturity and old age; similarly the soul passes to another body at the time of death.”

Bhagavad Gita 2.13

“Always have a goal in your life and proceed towards it very carefully.”

Every day there are more people who express in full faith their belief in reincarnation. Whilst there are others who with equal faith say they do not believe in reincarnation and that upon death everything finishes. Others still say that we live only once and that on death we go to an eternal heaven or eternal hell. Thus without mentioning them all, it can be seen that there are a variety of ideas to choose from. Yet if there is an absolute reality, not just a soup of relative viewpoints, then we need to analyse the evidence. We hope to show that the evidence clearly comes out in favour of reincarnation. After having read our presentation, it is up to you to decide on your relative viewpoint. If you then take reincarnation as fact, then it would be advantageous to understand the implications of our eternal life and its evolutionary spiritual voyage through all the different species, or forms, of life. If you take reincarnation as fallacy, then it is wise to note that if there is an absolute truth that includes reincarnation then you will keep reincarnating over and over again in the illusion that you create through your own activities.

  1. Reincarnation can be seen in that all the cells in our body in which the soul resides are completely renewed every seven years. In spite of inhabiting a new body we still remember being ‘us’ seven, fourteen or however many years before. This shows that we are the same entity yet with many different bodies in only one lifetime.
  2. There are many recorded proofs from hypnotic regression. Respectable scientists from many universities have carried out controlled experiments of hypnotic regression. The hypnotised subjects have revealed facts from their past lives which have been verified from recorded facts; though these facts could not have been known to the subjects, with many of them talking in different languages or dialects from countries where they have never been before.
  3. There was a famous case, brought to mass view audience on Discovery Channel, of a young Indian girl who remembered being murdered in her past life by her former husband who wanted to live with his lover. So detailed were her memories that her parents found the house in a nearby neighbourhood and called the police to investigate. The police took down the evidence from the child and on interviewing the man who still lived in the house he confessed to the murder on the basis of evidence from a reincarnated person.
  4. Child prodigies also show proof of reincarnation. Children who from a very young age show exceptional talent compared to others of age whom have studied for years, for example geniuses in their fields like Mozart, can be seen as evidence for reincarnation. In a past life they had no doubt received such knowledge or abilities and now in their new life were capable of continuing with their gift.
  5. Ega Kesi was a famous North American doctor who performed hypnotic regressions curing traumas and illnesses that came from experiences in the patients past lives.
  6. The most important evidence comes from sacred scriptures.

The Bhagavad Gita, in many verses, elucidates on many aspects of reincarnation, how it works and how it is the practical result of the actions and reactions throughout many, many births that continue into this life. Sastra Pranam is the Sanskrit term meaning the proof that comes from the sacred scriptures. It is the most important truth as it is absolute, and it is very wonderful to see it coming to light in the relative view of the speculative science of today, which is coming to see the truth of the scriptural affirmations.

The Greeks were firm adherents to the science of reincarnation, they called it metempsicosis. To try to show proof of reincarnation, they showed an example of the rhinoceros who upon birth runs away from its mother as they have soft skin that the mothers tongue would damage. After 24 hours the baby rhino’s skin toughens up and it returns to its mother. The Greeks asked “from where does the baby rhino get its knowledge to run from the mother to wait for its skin to change?” Also, it can be seen that even within one physical lifetime a caterpillar will dissolve its body and then reform to reincarnate as a butterfly. Voltaire, in a very beautiful way, said “what is there so amazing in the fact of being born again after considering the wonderful nature of having been born this time?” There exist so many proofs. It is incredible how the subconscious is full of past-life impressions.

The living force in all life forms is the spirit soul, which is the eternal travelling essence of our being. The soul in its false egoistical state is covered by an astral body (made of mind, intelligence and subconscious sense of ego) and a physical body. The soul is equipped with a marvellous cognitive facility to enter a material environment to use and enjoy it. This physical environment is made of solid, liquid, energetic, gaseous and ethereal states of matter. The physical body must be entered and then left by the soul and astral body whilst in the egoistical, exploitative state of existence. To finish with this repeated state of births and deaths the soul must not be polluted by the exploitative tendency by finishing with the false ego with its speculative intelligence and the desire for sensual enjoyment. One must focus on the Lord with all one’s conscious ability and ask for His mercy so that He may liberate one from the material condition.

Evidence for reincarnation is also found in other scriptures. For example, in the bible there is reference that saints have appeared many times over the ages; but what is important is to know that the soul is eternal; it has existed before we were born and will exist when this body dies. If we place all emphasis on enjoying this short life in this temporary body, totally ignoring where we are going, then we act against our nature. Whenever we travel we have a destination and understanding of what to expect in our destination. Our spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, has given us the information and the key to release ourselves from our ignorance of repeated births and deaths by invoking the sweet protection of God via the sacred Mantras and the culture of purity.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

Teachings of Sripad Paramadvaiti Swami

Editor: Gopananda dasa

We are not this body

“Stay hopeful and be patient in your attempt to serve”

“At the time of death the soul passes to another physical body along with its mental and intellectual identifications. The individual acquires different types of body, but the person is the same one.”

“As a person changes old clothes, putting on new ones, in the same way the soul accepts a new material body, giving up the old, useless one.”

(Bhagavad Gita 2. 22)

“Human life is too short to be wasted in doing nonsense things. Always try to be intelligent: give the best of yourself with love.”

“By growing up, a child becomes a young boy, who later becomes an adult and then an old man. During this time of life, even though the child’s body becomes that of an old man, the person feels that he is the same person with the same identity. The body is changing, but he who is inside the body, the soul, remains the same. As the soul is separate from the body, we can logically conclude that when our body dies, we will receive another one. This is called reincarnation or transmigration of the soul”.

In reality, the body is a bag of bone, meat and skin, and the self is to be found within it. But is the body our real identity when nowadays it is almost possible to replace each part? What makes us think we are the body, or the heart, the brain tissues, or any other bodily part? What, or who, is it that we really are?

Those who have sought self-realization have, on direct perception, stated that we, the conscious individual, are beyond the gross and subtle elements of the body and mind. They have concluded that we are the finite eternal conscious soul, the jivatma, which is part of the infinite Supersoul, the Paramatma; our Eternal Father. Our consciousness is our greatest treasure, for only through consciousness can we relate to the Supreme Conscious Being.

The body is a very interesting object to study; it is a bag of bone, meat and skin, and we inside of it are connected to the outside world through the holes within the body. In the Vedic paradigm, the body is called “The City of Nine Gates”. These gates, or holes, connect us with the external world. There are two holes that see, two that listen, two nostrils that breathe, a multi-use organ that eats and talks, another multi-use organ is the genitals, and the last gate is the evacuating organ, the anus.

According to those with spiritual vision, the individual consciousness, the soul, keeps the body alive for a period of time. But the body and soul is a seemingly incompatible unit. The proof is that sooner or later everyone has to leave the body, as nobody can remain forever in this physical body.

We need to take advantage of this knowledge to understand that our body is not our true self. In order to understand and realise this knowledge of our real spiritual identity, we need the guide of the sacred scriptures and a spiritual master, for they are able to directly perceive the spiritual identity as fact, not just theory. Upon discovering our eternal spiritual identity a person must fully practice those teachings in life and upon death. One must be able to face the moment of passing away with spiritual maturity, receiving death as a wonderful chance of transformation, being able to welcome the Divine Will. In life and in death, we must cultivate the full desire to relate to and serve God and the people around us in this very life. This is a truly meaningful realisation.

As well as the physical body, our self is also covered by a subtle body: mind, intelligence and false ego. Even more essential and subtle is the eternal soul, the self. When a person dies the soul carries with its subtle body a conscious imprint, its generated karma of gross and subtle past actions and desires that need to be fulfilled. Our next birth is in accordance with this subtle imprint. There are many cases of people remembering their past lives.

To advance spiritually, we need to understand that we are spiritual souls, dependant on God. It is our true, higher nature that leads us towards spiritual progress; we are seekers of the truth. We have a body and mind, but our spiritual identity is eternal and divine. Any deviation from our true spiritual identity will only entangle us in temporary mental and bodily sensations. The essential function of the Self is Divine Service to the common central cause of God. This is the correct way to live.

Teachings of Sripad Paramadvaiti Swami

Editor Gopananda dasa

How can we recognise false masters and prophets?

(second edition)

“Under whose guide do you search for God?”

There does not exist false masters, gurus or prophets, because is they are false they can not be called a master, guru or prophet.

All the lies in this world are hidden behind some wonderful announcement

The true masters are humble not arrogant, they do not treat people badly; to the contrary, they are full of universal love.

Don’t take refuge in materialism. Don’t be fooled. Find a spiritual guide.

In the Bhagavad Gita, chapter 16, text 4, it is said: Pride, arrogance, anger, laziness and ignorance; these are the qualities of the demonic nature.

We must protect ourselves from those who have an interest in exploiting us. We must be wary of those who say there is no one superior to them; wary of those who profess monism, who say that we are God.

To be on the path of spiritual realisation is the greatest thing in life

The spiritual master has the most elevated thought, aspirations and ideals. C.C. Bhakti Yoga

There are many people in this world who conceal their personal motivations behind marvellous signs that appeal to the religious sensibility of humanity. Virtually all the lies in this world are secretly hidden behind some beautiful signs and diverse fragments of truth that are universally attractive and accepted. We rarely find someone who says: "watch this film and you will become more violent", "smoke this cigarette and you will have cancer", "accept this philosophy so that I can take your money", "accept this political leader so that he can enjoy the glory of his false ego and not serve the public as he promised".

In order to recognize the truth and to be able to protect ourselves from the false invitations and deceit that this world offers, we have to go deeper and not only see what the diverse groups and persons promise and say. First we should analyze the character and the results from the teachings of the master or school, in the persons that sincerely follow this path. We should see, for example, their sexual conduct; if extramarital sexual relations are permitted, we can already reject this teaching as counterproductive to advancement.

If some type of intoxication is permitted that simply damages the brain causing chemical dependence, drug addiction or alcoholism we should not accept this as something truthful. If we find some message in it, where it is permitted to kill or mistreat animals, we should immediately understand that on the path, there is very little love, and therefore there is nothing of interest to us. If it promotes deceiving others and gambling, if there are lies, then this is not going to be something that brings us to the truth.

In India, there are many criteria given by the scriptures in order to recognize a true spiritual master. First, a spiritual master comes from a chain of spiritual masters and he teaches and practices what he learned from his spiritual master. The master is not attracted by opulence or money; everything that he receives, he immediately uses for the good of others and for the service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

With much mercy, they teach us in order to uplift the fallen from their conditioning, so that they can take refuge in spiritual amnesty. Spiritual masters teach their pupils that the revealed authorized scriptures are the real guidelines to determine whether a person can be accepted or not as a spiritual authority. Their teachings should coincide with the sacred scriptures and they should also be endorsed by the practices of those who follow their instructions and who can be seen as positively transformed persons.

Additionally, one should check one's own heart to see if one feels inspiration and positively guided after having visited the guru; and whether the guru, scriptures and other masters agree and harmonize their teachings. If we see this to be so, and the heart also feels something positive, we should follow his teachings, because in this world the only thing that we can do is to make our best effort; and if we decide to put into practice the good that we have found with all sincerity, this attitude will guarantee that we get ahead. And if, in some moment, we are mistaken, the Lord Himself will protect us from these false paths.

The false teachings of materialism that are promoted in modern schools, universities and in the media are very dangerous. They have engendered pure materialism into a majority of humanity. Consumerism is dedicated to making the system wealthier, but without consciousness and sensitivity to the individual. And the great necessity, the great desire of the people, to leave this completely disagreeable situation is taken advantage of by unscrupulous people with hidden agendas.

Really, they do not teach the complete truth, because God is He who maintains everything. If we can not even easily maintain ourselves, how can we say that there is no one above us? Mother Nature is above us, and if there were no God, we would have to give thanks to her, who provides for our bodily needs. Since we all have a gigantic false ego, we like it when someone tells us that there is no one above us, that we are all part of the Supreme; but as Schopenhauer calls it, this is “friendly” atheism. Instead we should search for the humble masters who give recognition to, and who are grateful for, the teachings and illumination they have received, and who feel true compassion for all living entities. These should be the stars that teach us the light of the way to universal love; until we can find a personal relationship with the Lord of the Universe, the friend of everyone.

Teachings of Sripad Paramadvaiti Swami

Translation: Erica Wolski, Gopananda dasa

How to find a spiritual master

(second edition)

The final religious activity for all human beings is devotion for the Supreme Lord, Whom is found way beyond empirical speculation.

The revealed truth comes without contamination through a particular process called, in Sanskrit, Parampara, meaning disciplic succession. We must connect ourselves with a trustworthy succession. Only then can we find what is truly genuine. Authorised association is necessary. The spiritual master is necessary.

We must receive true knowledge from the appropriate source, in the disciplic succession that starts with the Lord Himself; Whom is the Supreme Spiritual Master. Such knowledge has been passed down through a succession of spiritual masters.

“Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master, inquire from him and serve him in a submissive way. The self-realised soul can pass on to you true knowledge because he has seen the Truth.” Bhagavad Gita, chapter 4, text 34.

To error is human, and inevitable for all of us, as we are not perfect. Without a doubt, no one wants to stay imperfect. There exists an element within all of us that is animated towards perfection. If this were not so, we would not have aspirational desires. Our tendency towards perfection is certainly very weak and limited; if not, we could easily acquire to out goal of perfection. Thus, our limited capacity towards our goal of perfection means that there is a need for a spiritual master.

Dear friend, a spiritual master is the person that teaches us the Truth. In Indian culture, having a spiritual master was so important, so basic, that every person when they reached 12 years of age, searched for their spiritual master and received the sacred mantras. The spiritual master gave instructions, based in the Vedic culture, on how to attain self-realization and how to practice the sacred science of yoga.

The spiritual master is a great necessity for all of us. In our modern society, we have a master for everything: a master for computers, a master for marketing, a master for mechanics; but we do not have masters that teach us the science of the soul and how to awaken the eternal love in our heart.

In order to find a spiritual master; the principal requirement is a desire to find him. This means that one should be ready to eliminate our errors made in life and accept the virtues that bring one to spiritual perfection. The process of finding a spiritual master is explained in the Vedic scriptures; we start with a prayer asking that the Supreme Lord guide us towards the master that will teach us how to come to Him. The original spiritual master is in our heart; he is the Supersoul, Paramatma. He is the internal voice, our intuition, the guardian angel. He knows everything and everyone, and is always our protector, instructing us on our path towards the Light. When we desire to have a spiritual master, we request assistance from Paramatma, so that He will give us intelligence and show us the way towards Him.

The first prayer that we should make is taken from the Ramayana, an Indian classic: "Oh my Lord, I do not know who You are, or where You are, but You, who are omnipotent and omniscient, please hear my prayer. Today I beg You to take charge of my life, I surrender myself to You; but I have a great problem, I don't know what You want from me. From now on, my life will be Yours. I am going to eliminate everything from my life that I understand that You don't like, and am going to try to apply and practice in my life everything that my heart tells me that You do like!" When a devotee, a yogi, a sincere spiritual soul, prays in this way, the Lord from there on takes charge of his path.

The spiritual master is called "guru"; "gu" is obscurity and "ru" means he who removes it from us. He tells us the Truth even if it hurts us, and he keeps us occupied in the common cause, in loving service to God. He also shows us the path of yoga, teaches us the techniques of meditation, and allows us to enter his family. We are able to find a spiritual master solely due to the infinite mercy of the Lord who knows everything. The spiritual masters come from a chain of masters in a disciplic succession; they practice spiritual life, humility, simplicity and they are always ready to help their disciples. When the devotee finds his spiritual master, he prays to him in this manner:

om ajñana timirandasya jñanam jñana salakaya
caksur unmilitan yena tasmai sri gurave namah.

"I offer my most humble obeisances to my spiritual master who has opened my eyes, which were blinded by ignorance, with the torch light of knowledge."

In order to accelerate the process of finding a spiritual master, we should become vegetarians, refrain from intoxicating our bodies, be chaste, meaning to be faithful to one's wife or husband, and to eliminate all useless gambling games. In addition, we should try to dedicate ourselves during the day to chant the Mahamantra: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. We should read the "Bhagavad Gita As It Is" and join with persons who have a spiritual master, or who are also searching for one.

We should offer our food to God. We can do this with the same Mahamantra; in this way, we can ask Him to help us with the details of our spiritual path so that everything that comes to us, allows us to advance spiritually. A person that searches for a spiritual master with sincerity is going to find him, one way or another. He manifests himself in a dream, in a personal encounter, in a book, or in any form that God chooses to send His confidential representative to guide him, or her, to you.

Spiritual masters establish a common cause and allow us to enter into a family of devotees, where there are many persons struggling for the same cause, in harmony, without selfishness and without competition; giving each one of their members a refuge, a place of enthusiasm, that is an oasis in the middle of the desert of material existence. Life without a spiritual master is like a beautiful home, but without a roof. I hope that you are successful in your search, and in your encounter with your spiritual master, and that you are serious, so that you will be able to take advantage of this gift that you will receive by the mercy of God.

Teachings of Sripad Paramadvaiti Swami
Edition Gopananda dasa

Balsam For The Soul

Teachings of Sripad Paramadvaiti Swami

Editor Gopananda dasa

Guru Mahraja, called this way by his disciples, is a writer, poet, publicist, educator, philosopher and architect of temples. He is a disciple of the renowned master A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Guru Maharaj is a renunciant of the Vaisnava order, stemming from India. He is a spiritual master and founder of his own mission. He has hundreds of disciples, in more than 20 countries throughout the world. He has written and edited many books, of which many have been translated into other languages.

He has many web pages dedicated to the community, and is the founder of the Vedic Wisdom collection.

Peace, without God in the centre, is a dream.

He, who abuses the essence that inhabits the depths of our being, condemns himself.

Rest your mind in God and live the truth.

You must be prepared to support pain in the path to God.

The planet should be managed by those who accept the laws of Mother Nature.

Raise yourself to a superior state of consciousness.

Stop leaving the earth arid and dead, and using her as a source of illicit income.

The true revolution is spiritual in kind.

Think twice before speaking, and thrice before acting.

Today’s society lacks a basic fundamental, which is that the soul exists.

Dedicate all your energy in serving God, humanity and all living beings.

Purity is obtained through sincerity.

This body allows the possibility to acquire knowledge and to render service to everyone.

When one surrenders to the Lord, all divine help descends.


If you do not belong to God, to whom do you belong?

The path towards the supreme abode is by loving God and feeling compassion to all living beings.

Balsams for the soul

You become strong when you understand that you do not have any strength. You become wise when you are conscious that you are ignorant.

When you give riches to other, you become rich. When you give love to others, in the same proportion, you will receive love.

If you want to teach others, be a good example, and conquer your heart.

Only in being kind with others, will you receive God's mercy.

Even though God is the Supreme owner, there is still something that He doesn't have, but He wants. What is it? Your heart.

So that the heart is captivated by Him, reduce to the minimum your need to enjoy that is separate from the Supreme.

Adapt to every circumstance without complaint. See everything as God’s mercy.

Never become attached to anything material that would halt your spiritual progress. Share what you have with others. In this way, you will understand that nothing is yours.

Be ready to serve. Do not lose this opportunity; serve with all your being.

Always meditate that God is in everything and that He controls everything.

Speak in an agreeable way, and use kind words at every moment.

Have an ardent thirst to obtain Love for God.

Renounce all your attachments, surrender yourself to God and use everything that you have in His service.

Having patience and perseverance in your intent to serve the Lord will please Him..

Don't leave your spiritual exercises even for only one day.

Life is short and the moment of death is uncertain. Therefore, dedicate yourself seriously to spiritual life.

Allow the thought of God to keep the thoughts of the world distant.

Never postpone something until tomorrow, if you can do it now.

Don't boast or make a demonstration of your skills; be humble and simple.

Be happy always, leave your anxieties behind.

Be indifferent to things that concern you, keep yourself busy with others, and learn to depend on the mercy of God.

Abandon gossip, slander, criticism and fault finding in others.

Only see the good in others and practice their virtues.

Flee from anger, lust and selfishness, which are like the venom of a serpent.

Always carry some spiritual maxims and/or verses from the scriptures. See God everywhere and in everything.

Confront obstacles valiantly and seriously.

Do not be worried by criticism when you are on the correct path.

Admit your own faults patiently, and ask for advice to overcome them.

Expand your heart by giving the best that you have. Be extraordinarily charitable.

Desires multiply misery. Try to be satisfied with everything that you receive.

Carry on working on the path of perfection and honesty.

Always have an objective in life, and proceed forward very carefully.

The benefits of divine love are infinite. Never leave this practice.

Be moderate. Extremes are always dangerous.

Be introspective and analyze yourself every day. Observe your growth.

How can I increase my service? This thought increases the happiness of our being.

Do not impose your opinions; better still, express your wisdom.

Do not demand respect; instead, you should earn it through your own example.

You cannot doubt God only because there are some things that you cannot understand.

Behind each suffering, there is something to learn.

Faith is an eye that guides us towards the Supreme Lord.

To be happy, you only have to learn to love.

Criticizing those whom we have no opportunity to help is like spitting into the wind.

Laziness is the demon, who destroys our aspirations.

Our own fortune is in our own hands.

Always make something beautiful to save this world; to not care, indicates a lack of compassion.

There will only be peace in the world when we have internal peace.

When you depend on God, you alleviate all suffering.

It is necessary to change this world, beginning with ourselves.

He, who is dedicated to the good, is never defeated by the bad.

God is not interested in your money or in your property. He is only interested in your heart.

You must be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Religion means to obey God’s way.

You must have the Supreme Personality of Godhead as the number one priority in your life.

Your heart in this world feels abandoned; it is necessary to approach God. In this way, all of your problems will end in the enjoyment of spiritual life.

The true Saint concludes that, for him, God is everything.

A better servant means to face bigger conflicts.

The rich have more fear in losing their riches than the poor in obtaining them.

Give love if you want to obtain love.

See that your thoughts are sublime and pure.

Conscious Doctors

“Pride is our most subtle and greatest enemy.”

A perfect business – to go to hell:
In the ‘developed’ country of the United States of America, 4000 abortions are carried our on a daily basis. In New York City, the number of abortions is higher than the number of births. 33 million legal abortions are carried out yearly in the world, which together with the illegal cases makes an estimated 60 millions children aborted per year. In 6 years, the Nazis killed 20 million people. Yet now, 60 million children are killed every year! Is this not more than a great injustice and a serious holocaust?

Why should experiments with animals be stopped? Based on a hypothetical model that animals can faithfully reproduce the human physiology, for over a century vivisection (experimentation on living animals) has been practiced under the guise of medical progress.
Every year five hundred million animals are bread, captured or stolen to become victims of this ‘necessary experimentation’. Yet, with all its tortuous investigations and sacrifices of living entities, vivisection has not given a single discovered benefit for mankind; rather to the contrary it has postponed medical progress.

“Don’t show off or try to demonstrate your abilities, be humble and simple”

The organization of Conscious Doctors is one of friendship and the inter-exchange of medical experiences between doctors with the purpose of purifying professional medical activities by supporting spiritual consciousness. As a result, conscious doctors will have a forum to enable a greater understanding and to better the practice of holistic therapeutic systems, such as: Ayurveda, naturopathy, chiropractics, homeopathy, bioenergetics, acupuncture, etc.
Thus, the spiritually conscious medical professional, with proven results, will become as distant as possible from modern allopathic medicine, which has its basis in modern pharmacology; a purely mechanical, bio-chemical approach to the body and its functions. Allopathic medicine can have so many negative side effects, which even after extensive investigations in many cases it is difficult to know up to what point the effects are beneficiary or negative to the patient.

A conscious doctor is a person who knows that we are not the body but the living soul. S/he knows the body is a gift from God, a divine instrument apt for spiritual progress and to become a first-class human being.

A conscious doctor has the responsibilities to be fixed in spiritual truths, and to be a real well-wisher of patients. In India they are called the “Vaidyas”, who administers medicine like a Brahmin priest administers prayers. Conscious Doctors must be totally committed to the well-being of their patients. As well as material medical knowledge, they must have spiritual wisdom, especially guided via the Bhagavad Gita, to treat and orient the patient as a whole person.
They are thankful to Mother Nature for giving us all that is required to maintain life, and to the Supreme Lord for allowing us the chance to discover all that there is to discover and to appreciate the invitation He gives us to enter the world of real love.

The Conscious Doctor is eager to offer their healing knowledge and practice to all whose lives are dedicated to the unmotivated service to God; for example within our Vrinda School of charitable conscious doctors.

The conscious doctor finds opportunities to give conferences promoting a healthy vegetarian diet as one of the best measures that exists within preventive medicine. The conscious doctor guides his patients so that they become compromised to a healthy life, because it is sad to heal people’s illnesses that were caused by their unhealthy lifestyles for them only to return to such unhealthy ways and then again to return to the doctor.

A conscious doctor is a person who knows the valuable contribution of the Vedas, of the process of yoga, and the need to associate with natural energy (clean water, healthy breathing, natural spaces, etc,). The conscious doctor defends the environment, advising the avoidance of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically-modified organisms. They inform their patients to eat fresh, organic food; to avoid tinned or frozen food, which loses its natural vitality; and about toxins found in processed foodstuffs, such as preservatives, colorants, added flavours, salt and flavour enhancers, etc., which are all injurious to the health of customers.

Conscious doctors have a leadership responsibility in society. Therefore, in as much as they gain spiritual knowledge and a readiness for loving sacrifice to God, to the selfless saints and to humanity in general, their treatments and education about conduct and healthy lifestyles is a most valuable contribution.

Conscious doctor keeps absolute distance from any situation that risks the respect for life and the birth chance of a human foetus. Thus, he is opposed to the abortionists, who do not respect life, which only God can create.

Conscious doctor first explore all the possibilities of natural medicine before choosing any kind of surgery to patients. They must not be driven by money, as in the oath of Hippocrates it is said: “A doctors looses professional rights if by lack of generosity he negates first aid to a needed patient who is devoid of money”.

The conscious doctor is an excellent representative of God’s will and the teachings of the spiritual master. The Vrinda Family welcomes those conscious doctors, nurses and health workers who are touched by the desire to help others with in the healing process.

Conscious doctors support peoples’ spiritual education and meditation in sacred mantras as the best healing vibrations in the present age, especially the group chanting of the famous great mantra:
“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare”.
This is the special mantra to save people from the conditioned life in this actual contaminated age of Kali Yuga, the age of argument and hypocrisy.

The Conscious doctor always recommends that people seek refuge in God, to see that all the bodily and mental sufferings are reactions from our wrong doings in this and past lives; that they are little bells to wake us up to the reality that we should not live away from His Will. Above all material suffering there exists a benign invitation to the spiritual world, for bodily suffering, whilst physically painful, really is not the most important things. It is most important to awaken spiritual consciousness in each and every person, for we are soul, mind and body in that order of importance.

The Vrinda Family facilitates association of Conscious doctors with a web page where they can exchange experiences and encourage each other in their loving sacrifice for God and mankind. All doctors who want to be affiliated to this group and who would like to participate in seminars with other doctors can do so via the webpage. This way, we envisage more clinics dedicated to the holistic medicines of Ayurveda, naturopathy, etc.; and that with their mutual association, within their medical clinics a service of spiritual education will be brought to humanity.

Devotees of the Lord will then have a list of conscious doctors, offering holistic treatments, to turn to when in need. Whilst the average working individual or family can pay in full for such services, it is to be hoped that monks, nuns and renunciates in spiritual communities, who neither have health insurance or adequate financial resources, will be looked upon favourably, as such spiritually dedicated people are fully in the Lord’s service.
A valued reference from the sanyasi (renunciate) order will be needed to prove the dedicated nature of the individual.

In the name of my spiritual master, of Sri Krsna, and all the Vaisnava preachers, I would like to thank all conscious doctors who in their selfless service help the preaching efforts of Krsna Consciousness, just as it was in the time of Sri Krsna Caitanya (16th century) with the existence of the Vaidyas.

Welcome to the group of Conscious Doctors.
Teachings of Sripad Paramadvaiti Swami

Edition Gopananda dasa