Sunday, March 12, 2006

About Abortion

All about Abortion

“Abortion brings misfortune”.

“Don’t kill the children; let them be born to live”.

“Unborn victims of violence (Fetal Homicide)”

“Wake up! Say NO to abortion!”

“Only God creates life, and only God has the rights to end a life”.

“The seed of cruelty is budding in front of our eyes by killing those that have been trusted to our shelter”.

“Change your life, become a messenger of love”.

“Since when did we give rights to a mother to kill her children, born or unborn?”

Friend of my soul, aborting a child is like loosing our own fortune in life; it is an invitation to misery. After abortion, a person will not be able to look at a child without remembering the creature that was denied the right to live. It was eliminated, assassinated, by your decision; only you have the power to receive your son or daughter with full affection as did your parents receive you. In the same way you can kill your self, because this embryo is your own self, like your brother or sister, with the same desire to live. If you participate in this crime, you will repent it later; you will never forget what you did. Consider it. Wake up!

Dear friend, in the case that you have committed such an atrocity and you want God to forgive you, totally dedicate yourself to stop others doing the same mistake. Talk to everyone so that no-one around you kills a poor child still in the womb.

There is no sin that Got cannot forgive, but abortion is a very serious matter. It is probable that the child that is being aborted was once involved in abortion, and that the mother who is aborting will in her next birth be aborted – “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. Nature’s law of action / reaction confirms that crimes like abortion the reaction is very strong; only God can forgive it. This means we must change our life and become messengers of love, offering protection towards children and animals. First, men cruelly kill animals. Later, they start to kill children in the mother’s womb; and finally they destroy themselves on the battlefields as well. That was the view of the philosopher and poet, Tolstoy; and that is the way nature works.

Wake up for once, become messengers of love, don’t kill unborn children. Become excellent parents who are able to care for your children, to show them the way to truth, to spiritual life, to universal love with an understanding of the true meaning to life in divine connection with God. In this world we need to be an instrument of God’s love, so repeat this daily prayer to stay in contact with God’s Love:

“Oh my Lord, please let me be an instrument of Your Love”.

Srila Guru Maharaj

Edition Gopananda dasa

Letter from a child. “I want to live”.

Thank you mother for giving me life. Thank you mother for this opportunity. I want to see the world where you live; but you know mummy that I am weak and defenseless. The fortune of my existence depends upon you.

How I would want you to see my happiness when I hear your voice, when you caress me tenderly; like saying to me that you are also very pleased. That’s why, from my very humble condition, I want to scream that among all mothers you are the best one. I don’t yet have my full senses and body, but I can just about understand that I cannot pay you for all that you have done for me; not even with the whole universe.

If you allow me to born, I promise you Mum that I will make all efforts to fulfill your desires. Don’t spend your money to get rid of me…

I am blood of your blood, body and soul of your soul;

I want you to weep joyfully that day when I will be born.

Thank you mother for offering me your womb, where you conceived my essential nature. There I feel myself protected and safe. It is my warm and sweet nest, my crystalline stream, where I dream, dance and laugh; and my worries are whisked away.

Some thing I want to remind you of is that I am part of you; when you weep, I weep; when you suffer, I suffer; but when you smile, you make me the happiest being.

Lord of infinite Love and peaceful countenance, I surrender at your holly feet. I offer you my soul; singing your Holy Names.

Composed by:

Inain Castaneda (Akarma das)


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