Sunday, March 12, 2006

Conscious Scientists

“The sincere search for love necessarily brings us to Shri Krsna.”

Conscious scientists unite to bring together discoveries for the development of a new criterion for humanity.

Here we present ‘Super God’ – the creator of televisions, computers, cars, planes, rockets, etc, but also he has contaminated rivers, lakes, seas, the air, and has invented cigarettes, alcohol, and chemical drugs for when we become ill because of it all.

Dear scientists: physicists, biologists, chemists, doctors, etc, who have all studied for years in universities and have acquired a degree which gives one a certain importance in this confused world. What is the purpose of science if it is not to consecrate one’s work to better the overall welfare of all living beings? What purpose has science if it only increases the sophistication of a system to exploit the environment and the living entities on the planet?

If you want to be a conscious scientist it must be recognised with all humility that modern science has no absolute answer to the most important questions concerning where we have come from, why we are here or where we will go upon leaving this material body. Neither does the scientific world view have knowledge about whom or what created and maintains the material universe.

As a scientist, we must try to free ourselves from all prejudice and arrogance. The scientific mind is contaminated in asserting as fact that which is theory. Presently, contemporary science adheres to the theory of evolution; that the world is a product of casualty, an accident, and that life is a sub-product of a causeless evolution of matter that somehow inexplicably arose to create the diversity of living species. A scientist must be sufficiently open-minded in not taking the theory of evolution as fact by considering the possibility that the human being is not the most developed form in this universe, having nothing above us to thank for our existence. We must unite all wisdom at our disposal to discover the truth; meaning ancient knowledge, such as found in the Vedas, as well as modern empirical investigations must be admitted into the overall scientific understanding. No stone must be left unturned.

Beyond the known laws of physics, the Vedas talk of superior laws, such as the law of Karma. A Vedic master upon being questioned what is intelligence would answer that it is the power to see the connexion between cause and effect. The speculation that the creation of the universe has no cause from a superior intelligence, that it is a cosmic accident, completely ignores the opposite theory, that all activities produce an effect and that the causes were planned in such a way to give a specific result. For example, we can observe that all living beings come from other living beings. Never have we seen anything living coming from something non-living, as is the theory of evolution.

Thus this temporary universe and our temporary bodies have a causal factor of which we are the effect.

We must study, for example, the effects of factory farms, the indiscriminate killing of farm animals and the mass consumption of animal flesh on our minds, our health and the environment. We must study the effects on the mind of a continuous exposure to violence, irresponsible sensuality and sexuality in the media, to the consumption of inebriating intoxicants of alcohol and recreational drugs. Scientists must have the duty to show discoveries that favour a holistic, healthy lifestyle; whereas sadly the majority only serve the consumer society in developing and promoting products that produce deleterious effects on the population, which distance people from the true purpose of life.

Conscious scientists are those who stand up against abuse and ignorance, uniting to form pure criteria for human development. As such, this collection of Vedic wisdom is developed for the great souls, philosophers and scientists of humanity; those who have developed the fields of science, architecture, astronomy, astrology, the vastu sasta and ayurveda amongst others. The Vedic scholars have studied and preserved for humanity the deep psychology of how each entity interacts in its own nature within the environment, and explored how the spiritual spark, the living force, is exhibited within every being, and how it is within and beyond the material karmatic situations that engulf us. Such great personalities have given us our language, with Sanskrit being the mother tongue of all Latin languages. They have given us the oldest codes, or laws, for mankind and all living beings in the Manhu Samhita. They have given the decimal system in mathematics and the divisions of tone and rhythm in music,. We have so much to be grateful about for Vedic wisdom, whose practitioners could all be called Conscious Scientists. In a similar way, modern thinkers and scientists must acquire the impartiality and purity of a conscious scientist so that they can become servants of humanity.

The workings of the modern world are based on erroneous theories of its creation and the responsibilities we have in life. Strangely, the contemporary so-called intelligent scientist has no basis of knowledge that that which permeates the body giving it life and consciousness is in fact the spirit soul, which is independent of the material physical and mental bodies. There is no knowledge about how the subtle mental (astral) body, which is made of mind, intelligence and false ego, survives the physical body when it ceases to function, when it ‘dies’. This can be envisaged as when we are asleep and our external senses are inactive, yet we can see, hear and talk with our internal senses of the astral, mental body in what we would call the dream state.

The conscious scientist must have a great compromise to humanity and all of life, to have scientific fundamentals that evolve our comprehension of how to minimise suffering and ignorance with a basis in spiritual truths. At we offer a web page for conscious scientists where such understandings are discussed, conferences are organised and new discoveries shared. This offering is in an attempt to expose to an ignorant humanity fundamental spiritual realities within a scientific basis and lexicon, thereby enthusing more people to be benefited by the richness of a spiritually enlightened conscious science.

There are so many anomalies to the contemporary atheistic paradigm which will not only cause havoc to the present erroneous theories but will also bring light to ancient, eternal facts. Recent literature, such as “Forbidden Archaeology” and “Human Devolution”, are making enormous headway in the modern scientific community which can but only destroy the theory of evolution. Discoveries in India which confirm the existence of the ancient Vedic culture, such as the underwater discovery by NASA of the bridge that was constructed between India and Sri Lanka by Sri Rama, or the ancient city of Krsna, Dwarka, in the Arabian sea off the north-west coast of India.

Conscious scientists, in what ever field of study, taking a theistic approach to science can find theories and resultant proofs, which are in the large ignored by atheistic science, to show a new paradigm to the public so that they can form their opinions. Money can not solve the problems of our bad conscience, and it can even less bring us the truth and self-realisation; yet knowledge based in spiritual truths can. Every type of article which supports this programme of conscious scientists is welcome at where we hope to organise projects for the betterment of all humanity.

Teachings of Sripad Paramadvaiti Swami
Editor: Gopananda dasa


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