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The four principles of Dharma

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Vedic culture teaches that society can be really civilized by following four basic regulative principles which, develops virtues to harmonize life and to maintain pillars of a healthy society.

Those principles are:

1. Compassion. 2. Cleanliness. 3. Austerity. 4. Truthfulness.

Compassion or mercy towards all living beings, including animals and plants, is one of the main symptoms of a real human. Compassionate people help others to get free from the material entanglement, (samsara). For that reason no body have the right to kill other living entity, neither to interrupt their progress and natural transmigration from one body to another, which, is the chance of improvement from existence evolution. Humans shall avoid guiltiness from the egotistic misdeed to satisfy the tongue. Human being shall not only be vegetarian, but every one shall offer first own food to the Supreme Lord.

Those people who are involved in killing animals are unnecessarily cancelling their spiritual capacity of love and compassion, which characterize a human being.

So great is that love and compassion from a human being for other creatures, that by ignoring it or violating own sentiments, a person become insensible, cruel, violent and degrade own best feelings, qualities and best capacities.

Nevertheless, the real compassion would be to help others to keep eternal relationship with God. The principles of bhagavat-dharma are merciful and by following them, a gentleman will be situated in the platform of mercy and loving service to the eternal souls and the Supreme Lord, enjoying fullness and happiness, which is constitutional to each spiritual soul nature.


It is another one of the constitutional characteristics of a human being, which means to be clean internal and externally; cleanliness from heart, mind and intelligence; from the place of living and working, from own personal dealings in family, friendship, business, etc. Every thing clean!

Cleanness from mind and heart is the more important and essential. In order to attain it, the glorification of the Absolute One is most indispensable and without counting with Him, no one can clean the dust of desire that covers the heart and mind.

An atheistic civilization with all its material equipment is not capable to clean the mind and heart, because it is void of the purity conception of a divine sphere. Those people are devoid of divine good qualities, pure sentiments and what to say of respect before the most sacred function of the human body: the sexual relationship and procreative capacity.

During the last years the sexual promiscuity disguised the big disturbance and abuse which, results from egotistic, unclean and disgusting sexual dealings that affects the integrity of a dignified human being; because according the principles of a civilized society like the vedic culture, a sexual intercourse is performed only exclusively among husband and wife with the only purpose of producing children that will be educated in God consciousness.

Liberal sexuality and its free practice bring as result physical, moral and spiritual sickness. Mental capacity get lost, and the person indeed suffers from a constantly obsession to obtain a pleasure which never concretes and never get fulfilled, because the self is even much more than that. Consciousness and the need of the heart do not get satisfied only with the bodily sexual act. Is compulsory to avoid those disgusting sexual relationships which involves following consequences: abortion, illnesses like AIDS, legality of divorce, suicide and violence, alcoholism and drugs addiction, pornography and the premature dissolution of families due illicit sex from young boys and girls.

Cleanliness of consciousness or spirit helps to understand the reality that the Self-identity is not the body, by giving greater possibilities of satisfaction in developing spiritual consciousness. That is why impure means to act against God’s consciousness. Any dirt in heart, mind or body will be an impediment to approach God.


A genuine human being does not act after the impulse of own senses, forcing own self unnecessarily to poison the body with alcohol, drugs, etc. which produces lost of self-control and mental equilibrium; and the person become an incoherent fool, a sentimental or violent individual. While sensitiveness of a gentle human being implies much more then only peaceful equilibrium of mind, due to the realization of Self-identity, essentially as an eternal loving servant of the Supreme Divine Master. Such a person is free from the demented vision of being self-centred in the universe, expecting everything in life to fulfil the own sensual pleasure. For a self-realized person, even the attachment to family members is first connected with the Absolute truth and struggle to serve It. She or he try to reduce material necessities, keeping a balanced life, avoiding hankering for superficial pleasures, becoming a sample of moderation, good judgment and equilibrium. A person who is struggling to get out of material illusion (samsara) and discover the internal Self, can’t attain to spiritual realization if deviate by satisfying low appetites through drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, or by poisoning the blood with caffeine, tea and other wrong habits of drinking and eating. Because by consume of all that stuff the capacity for austerity and will power gets lost. For that reason a true human being keeps mind and body in equilibrium, brilliant and healthy; otherwise access to higher truths and understanding will be denied and impossible.


It does not only mean to avoid lie. To be truthfull a person must first knows the truth, which starts by accepting God as the Supreme Absolute Truth as confirmed by revealed scriptures.

The honest people, seeking for the Absolute Truth, approach genuine authorities to start spiritual understanding in the system of disciple succession or guru-parampara.

Once the Absolute Truth is understood as God Himself, then there is a serious responsibility to diffuse this truth in order to diminish falsehood in the world. Knowing that everything is Divine Energy and that the Supreme Being is the Lord and Controller of universe as His Own belonging; this Supreme Truth bring that desired peace and prosperity to the society, protecting men from violating the divine laws of nature.

Knowledge from truth grants freedom. The body is not the real Self, but it is a vehicle, which transport a driver, the soul.

Srila Prabhupad use to ask: “If we are eternal beings, why to get interested in temporal things?” Reality means existence, which can’t disappear; reality means eternity. We shall use our time inquiring on this subject. Srila Atulananda Acharya says, “We forgot that human life is to cultivate Divine Love, Love of God; to purify the heart and create and environment of peace, wisdom and brother-sister –hood.”

It is very painful to see children and young people wasting time in video games, putting coins to the machines in noisy places, saturated with passion and violence. From very childhood they are learning to look for satisfaction in machines and senses objects, but very rarely they receive information on own constitution and spiritual nature. In that way they forget own fortune and wealth of having a human body and the chance to develops spiritual consciousness, which assures happiness, peace and ecstasy. They forget God in their hearts as a friendly well-wisher, ready to grant all the benedictions, relief and perfection. Surely that to be truthful also means to be honest and tell the truth about God.


From that four principles of a civilized society, only truthfulness remains in this age; which means that even if people is living a sinful life and hedonist way, even so they have a desire to hear about Truth, about God.

In that way, a miracle will take place in a single of this qualities that a person may develops; all those qualities will appear in the activities of the individual, increasing day by day like the moon. Individuals will become finally merciful, clean, austere and truthful; and will climb to a superior mindfulness stage to be able to conceive the last perfection of life as pure love of God.

“When these four principles are missing, society falls down and enters in chaos”.

Teachings of Sripad Paramadvaiti Swami
Editor Gopananda das


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