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Reincarnation Proven

“Rest your mind in God and live in the truth.”

As reincarnation is a verifiably concrete reality, the most commonly used method today to show us this proof is with past-life regressions under hypnosis. But this is seen as a controversial and somewhat dubious method. The best way to prove it is through the use of rational logic, because reincarnation is self-evident.

Life is an eternal flow; the only things that change are our minds and bodies being the dresses we change into in each existence.

Krsna says in the Bhagavad Gita: “Just as in this body, the incarnated soul passes continually from birth, youth, maturity and old age; similarly the soul passes to another body at the time of death.”

Bhagavad Gita 2.13

“Always have a goal in your life and proceed towards it very carefully.”

Every day there are more people who express in full faith their belief in reincarnation. Whilst there are others who with equal faith say they do not believe in reincarnation and that upon death everything finishes. Others still say that we live only once and that on death we go to an eternal heaven or eternal hell. Thus without mentioning them all, it can be seen that there are a variety of ideas to choose from. Yet if there is an absolute reality, not just a soup of relative viewpoints, then we need to analyse the evidence. We hope to show that the evidence clearly comes out in favour of reincarnation. After having read our presentation, it is up to you to decide on your relative viewpoint. If you then take reincarnation as fact, then it would be advantageous to understand the implications of our eternal life and its evolutionary spiritual voyage through all the different species, or forms, of life. If you take reincarnation as fallacy, then it is wise to note that if there is an absolute truth that includes reincarnation then you will keep reincarnating over and over again in the illusion that you create through your own activities.

  1. Reincarnation can be seen in that all the cells in our body in which the soul resides are completely renewed every seven years. In spite of inhabiting a new body we still remember being ‘us’ seven, fourteen or however many years before. This shows that we are the same entity yet with many different bodies in only one lifetime.
  2. There are many recorded proofs from hypnotic regression. Respectable scientists from many universities have carried out controlled experiments of hypnotic regression. The hypnotised subjects have revealed facts from their past lives which have been verified from recorded facts; though these facts could not have been known to the subjects, with many of them talking in different languages or dialects from countries where they have never been before.
  3. There was a famous case, brought to mass view audience on Discovery Channel, of a young Indian girl who remembered being murdered in her past life by her former husband who wanted to live with his lover. So detailed were her memories that her parents found the house in a nearby neighbourhood and called the police to investigate. The police took down the evidence from the child and on interviewing the man who still lived in the house he confessed to the murder on the basis of evidence from a reincarnated person.
  4. Child prodigies also show proof of reincarnation. Children who from a very young age show exceptional talent compared to others of age whom have studied for years, for example geniuses in their fields like Mozart, can be seen as evidence for reincarnation. In a past life they had no doubt received such knowledge or abilities and now in their new life were capable of continuing with their gift.
  5. Ega Kesi was a famous North American doctor who performed hypnotic regressions curing traumas and illnesses that came from experiences in the patients past lives.
  6. The most important evidence comes from sacred scriptures.

The Bhagavad Gita, in many verses, elucidates on many aspects of reincarnation, how it works and how it is the practical result of the actions and reactions throughout many, many births that continue into this life. Sastra Pranam is the Sanskrit term meaning the proof that comes from the sacred scriptures. It is the most important truth as it is absolute, and it is very wonderful to see it coming to light in the relative view of the speculative science of today, which is coming to see the truth of the scriptural affirmations.

The Greeks were firm adherents to the science of reincarnation, they called it metempsicosis. To try to show proof of reincarnation, they showed an example of the rhinoceros who upon birth runs away from its mother as they have soft skin that the mothers tongue would damage. After 24 hours the baby rhino’s skin toughens up and it returns to its mother. The Greeks asked “from where does the baby rhino get its knowledge to run from the mother to wait for its skin to change?” Also, it can be seen that even within one physical lifetime a caterpillar will dissolve its body and then reform to reincarnate as a butterfly. Voltaire, in a very beautiful way, said “what is there so amazing in the fact of being born again after considering the wonderful nature of having been born this time?” There exist so many proofs. It is incredible how the subconscious is full of past-life impressions.

The living force in all life forms is the spirit soul, which is the eternal travelling essence of our being. The soul in its false egoistical state is covered by an astral body (made of mind, intelligence and subconscious sense of ego) and a physical body. The soul is equipped with a marvellous cognitive facility to enter a material environment to use and enjoy it. This physical environment is made of solid, liquid, energetic, gaseous and ethereal states of matter. The physical body must be entered and then left by the soul and astral body whilst in the egoistical, exploitative state of existence. To finish with this repeated state of births and deaths the soul must not be polluted by the exploitative tendency by finishing with the false ego with its speculative intelligence and the desire for sensual enjoyment. One must focus on the Lord with all one’s conscious ability and ask for His mercy so that He may liberate one from the material condition.

Evidence for reincarnation is also found in other scriptures. For example, in the bible there is reference that saints have appeared many times over the ages; but what is important is to know that the soul is eternal; it has existed before we were born and will exist when this body dies. If we place all emphasis on enjoying this short life in this temporary body, totally ignoring where we are going, then we act against our nature. Whenever we travel we have a destination and understanding of what to expect in our destination. Our spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, has given us the information and the key to release ourselves from our ignorance of repeated births and deaths by invoking the sweet protection of God via the sacred Mantras and the culture of purity.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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